My Favorite Scents on #NationalFragranceDay

In honor of #NationalFragranceDay, I want to give a mini review of my favorite perfumes right now. 

The right fragrance can make your day.  It has the power to brighten your morning, even when it's cloudy outside, and make you feel pretty, even when your hair won't cooperate.  Just as I like to switch up my nail color, I change my perfume for the day depending on my mood. 


I find that choosing a fragrance is a really personal experience, and is not something that you can give as a gift to someone because it is a popular scent.  Finding the right perfume for you can be time consuming, confusing, and even frustrating.  Yes, I am that person as Sephora who spends an hour spraying the perfume onto that piece of paper over and over again until I find the right smell.  And Yes, I am usually spraying the same perfume over and over again because I just can't decide.

But once you find the right fragrance, it just speaks to you. Here's what I am obsessing over right now.

1. Atelier Cologne has the some of the freshest and most unique scents out there.  Who would ever have imagined that I would love the scent of a grapefruit?  Yet, Pomelo Paradis is a little spray of paradise.   I think my all time favorite is the Clementine California, with its citrus and anise smells. 

2. I first read reviews of the Maison Margiela Replica fragrances from this great article on  Of course, I had to try them all.  It raved about Beach Walk, and they were right.  It is an amazing cross between citrus and musk. (Although, I cannot honestly say that I feel like I am walking on the beach when I wear it...)

3. Odin New York is just super cool.  The fragrances are like nothing I have every smelled, and many of them are gender neutral.  Formula 00 Auriel is at the same time woody and floral, and is one of the most unique perfumes I have ever used.  Love, love, love.  (And I recommend the amber tones of the Formula 09 Posala too, which is my husband's choice of the moment, but it is a gender neutral scent, so sometimes I sneak a spray myself!)

So there they are...  #TheDermWifeApproved scents of Spring 2018.