Top Summer Skin Myths Debunked

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It used to be that it was just your mother who gave you skin advice. But now there is more information than ever available on the internet. The only issue is that there’s no way to filter fact from fiction. Some of what’s out there may be based on fact, but it seems that most is personal opinion or unsubstantiated commentary. So, with the help of my dermatologist husband, I am here to debunk 5 of the biggest summer skincare myths I have seen out there.

1. It is okay to skip sunscreen on a cloudy day. False. While I wish a cloudy day gave a pass on sunscreen, that is just not the case. UVA light penetrates right through the clouds (as well as through window glass) and be harmful to your skin even if you cannot see the sun. You may not get a sunburn, because that is caused by UVB light, but you will put your skin at risk for skin cancer and early wrinkling.


2. Drinking 8 glasses of water will hydrate your skin. On those sweltering summer days, we all need to stay hydrated, so drinking water is important for our overall health. But there’s actually no real data to show you need 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. There’s also no data to show that drinking less than 8 glasses of water will cause skin dehydration. No matter what you are drinking, or not drinking, I say that nothing beats applying a good moisturizer after the shower.


3. A base tan will protect you from the sun. Sorry, guys. The only real way to protect you from the sun is to sit in the shade and to apply your sunscreen. Even I used to believe this when I was younger, but it is completely a myth. As my husband explains, “Any time your skin gets darker, it means there has been some degree of damage from the sun.” So if you sit outdoors unprotected, even if you have already gotten a tan, you will be exposing yourself to harmful UV rays that damage your skin cells’ DNA and can cause skin cancer later in life. Do you smoke just one cigarette to protect yourself against lung cancer? Certainly not. The same analogy holds true here.


4. Shaving will make you hair grow in thicker. For years, I suffered the pain of waxing because I truly believed this myth. But it is just that: a myth. While waxing pulls out the hair from its root, allowing a tiny, new hair to grow in, shaving cuts the hair where it is thickest. This means that the hair may appear to be thicker, but in reality it is just growing back where it left off. Genetics and hormones are the only factors that cause hair to grow thicker and lead to more hair to growth, not shaving.

5. Greasy food will make you break out. How many times did your mother warn you not to eat fried foods when you were younger because they’d cause pimples? Well, your diet can definitely affect your skin, but, as it turns out that rather than the grease, it’s the sugar that can cause breakouts. So if you are having a barbeque this summer, it’s more like the bun than the burger that will cause your pimple. That being said, you shouldn’t touch your face with greasy fingers because it can block your pores.

So there you have it.  The top summer skincare myths decoded for you. Dermatologist recommended, DermWife® approved!

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