Dermaplaning makes it socially acceptable to shave your face

Who wouldn't be excited when your dermatologist husband hands you the anti-aging device you just read about and tells you to try it out. When Dr Z asked me to test out the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Smooth Dermaplaning Device ($99, but you can use your 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!), I felt like a kid in a candy store.


Dermaplaning is the process of taking off your outer layer of dead cells with a razor, to reveal brighter skin below. At the same time, it also removes hair on the face. Fortunately, I don't have much hair on my face, so removing it has never been something I ever thought much of. So would dermaplaning even do much for? I was intrigued.


The device is much more than a simple straight edge razor. It is a razor blade that is contained within a protective casing so you can't cut yourself with it. When you turn it on, you hear it hum as it starts to vibrate. (It is just like holding a sonic electric toothbrush.) it comes with a charger and several replacement razor cartridges. I wash my face with the cleanser included in the kit. Then I held the device up to my face at a 45° angle and applied gentle pressure I move it from my ear down my jaw line towards my chin. (It was similar to the way you can imagine using a razor.) There is zero pain and it feels more like a massage then anything else. At first, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was even doing anything. But after a few strokes I looked at the tip of the device and could not believe my eyes. Apparently my face was covered in more peach fuzz than I realized.

It took me about 5 minutes to cover my whole face. In the end, I actually loved the results. My face definitely looked brighter and felt as smooth as it ever has been. It definitely gave a gentle exfoliation and made my face look more radiant. I am guessing this is because there was no peach fuzz so light could reflect off the skin better. Although, the company says that the sonic wave technology can help stimulate collagen. I’d have to use it for more than just a single shot to see that! My husband recommends using it once per week.

Because it makes shaving your face socially acceptable, and brightens your complexion at the same time, I say that dermaplaning is The Derm Wife Approved.