Beach Vacation Survival Guide

Beach Vacation Survival Guide


Cold.  Wind.  Snow.  More cold.  More wind. More snow. I just can’t take it anymore.  This winter has been one of the worst I can remember, so you can imagine how excited I was to get away for a beach vacation.  Being a planner, my bag was packed and ready to go days before we were leaving.  Included were my cutest bikini - although they are not as cute when I am forced (I guess I shouldn't say forced because I do it voluntarily) to wear a rash guard over it. So in the end you never even see the top.  

Now to plan for my skin. I’ve finally adjusted to my winter routine, and have been able to keep my skin in good shape. Beach weather will be a 180 degree switch. Plus, I need to deal with dry, recirculated airplane air. So here's #TheDermWifeApproved skincare survival plan…

1.  Airplane essentials (which i always keep in a cute travel pouch!)

Don’t be fooled to think that just because you are sitting in an airplane that you are safe from the sun.  One thing I learned by being married to Dr. Z. is that at 10,000 feet in the air you are actually closer to the sun and  at an increased risk for sunburn. In fact, Dr. Z. told me, that flight attendants and pilots are actually at a higher risk for skin cancer. So apply your sunscreen before getting on the plane and keep those window shades closed!


Moisture for skin and lips. Airplane air is dry and recirculated.  The low humidity puts a strain on our skin,  just like the winter weather does. I love my mini-sized samples for travel because can take them in my carry-on bag and they don’t take up much.  On this trip I brought Vaseline Lip Therapy.  It is a heavy ointment and did not even have to reapply it during the flight.  For my face, I took my mini La Mer Moisturizing Cream that honestly came as free gift with purchase from Bloomingdales.  Same big benefit, just in a teeny little jar.

2.  Beach basics

There are a few things that always come with me to the beach. Sunscreen goes without saying,  but I also make sure to pack a lip balm with SPF, a bottle of water, sunglasses, a broad brimmed hat, and a rash guard.

I usually have two sunscreens with me, one for face and another for body.  You can definitely put your body sunscreen on your face, but I generally like the feel of the face products a little better. My face tends to get oily, so I usually opt for a lightweight, oil free sunscreen that won’t weigh me down or break me out.  What was exciting for me on this trip was to break out the brand new Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen.  I literally used it the first day it hit stands.  The consistency is somewhere between a gel and serum and fully absorbed leaving the skin with a velvety matte feeling. SPF 40.  

For body, I brought my old faithful, Neutrogena Pure and Free 50 Baby Sunscreen.  Dr Z. gave me a great tip once, just because it is for baby, doesn’t mean it can't be used by mom.  For me, if a product gives enough protection for a baby, then it is even more reassuring that it will keep me protected from the sun.  

Bringing sunscreen and putting it on are two separate issues.  For all the other moms out there, I am sure you can relate.  I take whatever creative measures are necessary to get the kids protected, then I usually go last.  It is always easiest to apply sunscreen in the room before going down to the beach, because once you get there, there’s inevitably some distraction that takes away from doing a thorough job.  I am reliant on technology for everything in life, and I find I still rely on it for sunscreen.  I actually set the alarm on my phone every 2 hours so I won't forget to reapply!

The good news is that my skin survived on the plane & beach vacation, and I am just as pale today as when I got there.

XOXO #CoriConfesses