Botox: Ultimate Sweat Preventer

botox pic.jpg

We all sweat.  Our sweat glands go into overdrive when our bodies overheat.  As sweat evaporates from the skin it cools us down, similar to the way a dog pants on a hot day.  We also sweat in response to emotional stress and anxiety.   Even though sweating is a “physiologic” process, over-sweating is “pathologic,” and I have it.  

Hyperhidrosis is my enemy. How can I wear a nice top or dress if underarm sweat will just ruin it?  Over-the-counter clinical strength antiperspirants: tried it.  Prescription sweat-reducers: done that.  Then at long last came my hero – Botox.  Oh how I love you, my friend.  After a treatment, my underarms are sweat -free literally for a few months.  

With Memorial Day and the start of summer quickly approaching, I just got a treatment that will me last all summer.

I have gotten it before, and I swear by it.  I used to apply numbing cream or ice so I would not feel the pinches, but now I go cold-turkey.  I admit, it hurts a little, 30 or so pinches in each underarm, but the pain is fleeting, and the benefits are amazing.  Plus, you can even get it approved by your insurance company.

So now that you know my underarms are set, your next question is probably, “Where else are you getting this stuff injected?”  Well, you will have to wait a little longer for that…