Hello Summer, Goodbye Body Hair


John Cougar Mellencamp is a genius.  Who knew that his 1982 hit “It Hurts So Good” was really about laser hair removal?  I was too young to understand it back then, but now I get it.  Laser hair removal:  It just hurts so good.  With every zap I flinch with discomfort.  But how great is it to say goodbye forever to razors, waxes, and Nair?

The first laser I ever had was for my underarms almost a decade ago.  There is nothing worse that lifting your arm and having a dark 5-o’clock shadow.  And to all of you out there with naturally dark hair, yes, you may not ever publicly admit it but you will get it too.  There is no need to be ashamed; that is why the laser was invented.  Unlike waxing which is temporary and doesn’t thin the hair out, lasers offer a permanent solution.

So how does it work?  The laser generates a beam of light that is selectively absorbed by the pigment in the root of your hair.  The light energy is absorbed and permanently destroys the hair follicle so the hair does not grow back.  It takes multiple treatments to be effective because the root is not totally destroyed with a single treatment.  Actually, complete hair removal may not even be possible, and the procedure should probably be called laser hair reduction rather than removal.  It can reduce how many hairs you have and how thick they are.  


After 5-8 treatments, you will be left with an underarm that you never shave. One day you may be appalled to see 3 very fine hairs that have grown a good half-inch long before you can even notice them.  Those 3 long hairs will stare right at you in the mirror.  You will think, “I must get rid of them.  And while I am there, I suppose I should also get a touch-up of that pesky hair on the back of my thighs.”  Summer is about to begin, and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

For all of you laser neophytes out there, here are the basics you should know. 
1.  Does it hurt?  Yes it does.  It hurts so good.  The laser feels like a quick staple into the skin.  You can apply a numbing cream to the skin before the treatment to dull the pain, but the truth is you can still feel it anyway.  Now I don’t use the cream anymore and just grin and bear it.
2.  If you want to be a hairless cat for this summer then get going already.  First off, it takes a few sessions to get significant hair reduction.  Second, you shouldn’t get lasered if you are tan.  The extra pigment in your skin confuses the laser and increases your risk of a burn.
3. Don't wax, pluck, or thread.  You need the root of the hair intact as it serves as the target for the laser.  Shave or use a depilatory to remove hair before your treatment. 
4. Choose someone reputable.  Just because you can get a deal on Groupon doesn’t mean that you should.  Light spots, dark spots, burns, and even scars are real risks if you go to someone inexperienced.

Laser hair removal:  It's more expensive than waxing but totally worth it. Go get it.  #CoriConfesses